About Us

FORTIUS FACILITIES PRIVATE LIMITED was set up with a belief that success of any organization solely rests on the business solutions, quality of leadership & human capital it possesses. There is an increasing need for professional service providers in the field of Facility / Asset Management and Allied Services. FORTIUS was set up with the mission to be a leading player in this field and capture a major market share of this upcoming industry.

FORTIUS is an Integrated Facility Service Provider with operations in Facility Management, Food Services, Hospitality & Security Services.

Our core team consists of highly qualified professionals with experience in diverse fields. The goal is to constantly exceed client expectations. We strive to partner in our clients growth by addressing their future plans & assisting in expansion as a strategic partner. We provide support for client operations & contribute in Creating Safe & Productive Work places.

Mission Statement

FORTIUS seeks to create time for customers to concentrate on their core activity by consolidating a fragmented Facility Management industry. We will establish lasting relationships with our customers and partners to help create long-term growth and value.

Executive Summary

FORTIUS is in the business of providing consumers with Integrated Facility Services. FORTIUS is a service broker and provider. As organizations struggle to maintain a balance in their core activities, conserving time has become a rather daunting task. FORTIUS plans to build brand equity by providing superior Integrated Facility Management Services in the marketplace.



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